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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!!!

Just when i thought it couldn't get any DOES!

I heard back from UCR a few days back, where they informed me that I was not admitted to their masters program, I was merely admitted into their credentialing program. I would have to get straight A's the first quarter I was there, and get letters of recommendation from all the professors before they officially admitted me into the masters program.

While bummed, I was not completely put-off, since it gave me an excellent reason to work hard the first quarter.

Today I heard back from UCSD, were they let me know not only have I been accepted into the school, I've been accepted into their BCLAD Masters program. Holy crap?!

Maybe the adage "when one door closes one door opens" is true?

Either way...I am elated AND prostrated at the same time. :)

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